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Katsugi Okedo Straps

Jennifer Weir and
Megan Chao Smith
rocking Taiko.Biz's
padded, Katsugi

Photo: (c)2011 Michal Daniel

Adjustable Katsugi Strap / 2" (5cm): $25

  • Super-fast adjustment to fit a variety of players.
  • Heavy-duty webbing core, and super easy to use!
  • Similar to a guitar strap, but sized and attachment fitted for the Katsugi Okedo.
    (Standard guitar straps are waaaay too short. In case you were curious.)
  • Choose maximum length: Sm/M 170cm (66"), M/L 200cm (78"), L/XL 230cm (90")
  • Choose from any of our yukata fabrics, or supply your group's fabric to match.
  • Note the edge color of your Okedo's heads, or main rope color, and we'll try to match the tie-ons.
    (White, black, or red are the most common.)

Suggested for Dojo-Use...
Basic Black Katsugi Strap / 2" (5cm): $15

  • Same as the Adjustable Strap, but without the added color pizazz.
  • Suggested length for dojo use: L/XL. This simple black strap can adjust down to fit even kid, or waaaaay-out for the tall guys.

Adjustable Katsugi Wide-Strap / 3" (7.6cm): $35

  • Extra wide, supple webbing core for long-playing comfort.
  • Super-adjustable system, but designed to look like a custom fitted strap.
    Fits players in height from 6'6" to 5' (190cm 150cm).
  • Discreet velcro-closure band securely binds extra strap not used.
  • Choose from any of our yukata fabrics, or supply your group's fabric to match.
  • Note the edge color of your Okedo's heads and we'll try to match the tie-ons.
    (White, black, or red are the most common.)

Add Padding to Wide Straps: +$10
Add padding to help further distribute the load. A must-have for larger/heavier drums.

Pictured here: Wide, Padded, Adjustable Katsugi Strap with Yukata Fabric.

Basic Black Katsugi Wide-Strap / 3" (7.6cm): $25

  • Same as the Wide Adjustable Strap, but without the added color pizazz.


Custom Katsugi Okedo Strap: $70

  • Based on the type used by Kodo.
  • Extra wide for comfort, but streamlined for fast action.
  • Length sized for drummer and drum. Specify strap width on shoulder, and use-length.
  • Custom features per your specification.
    Padding? Fue or spare bachi pocket? Discreet velcro adjustment? You design.
  • Choose from any of our Taiko Jinsei fabrics, or supply your group's fabric to match.

Occasionally we come across vintage Obi too damaged in a few spots to still be appropriate to wear, but too beautiful over the rest of its length to waste! These would make beautiful straps, or bags! We'll post these on our Fabric page. If you don't see the perfect fabric Just ask!

How to Tie Katsugi Okedo Strap for a "Stay-put" Feel:

  1. Feed tie-ons together as one to create a double-size line, through head hole from inside to outside.
  2. Pull double-line as a unit to tighten strap down against drum head.
  3. Split free feed-ends and tie around original double-line in a tight square knot.
  4. Finish-off by fixing extra tie under the drum lines out of sight for a nice clean look.

The idea is to not have the strap dangling off the ties, but the strap and tie combo should be bound snuggly against the drum. Less random dangle means more predictable playing action. Tying with the knot ending-up on the inside, makes for a cleaner look too!

Note: The strap needs to be tied so there is one end close to the player, and the other is one hole-space offset away from the player. See Faux-kedo image below to better understand offset.

Taiko Jinsei Practice Tip: Make a "Faux-kedo"

Materials list:
(2) 12" plastic flower pots.
(4) Nut and bolt sets.
(12) 1" or wider washers (4 for strap anchor bolts, 8 for connecting bolts).
(2) Small plastic bottles each filled with 2.5lbs of sand, rice, or other dry loose filler to make ballast.
(1) Roll heavy duty packing tape.
(1) Old bedsheet (or Okedo Strap listed above).
Strong twine or string.

You can make your own Practice Okedo, a "Faux-kedo" if you will, by bolting the bottoms of two 12 inch plastic flower pots together, and then creating stretched packing-tape "heads," similar to the type of "drumheads" used to turn car tires into practice Chu-daiko.

Before taping on heads you'll need to set attachment anchor loops for the strap (see configuration below), and you may want to add some weight (ballast) for more accurate movement and action.

Strap Anchors: After bolting the pot bottoms together. Through-bolt a couple of small drawer pulls, or other anchor-loop to fix the strap through. On a real Okedo, the strap is attached with a 1-2 head-hole space in between, so be sure to offset your "Faux-kedo's" loops a bit so it will have similar balance and action. Note the anchor position in the image below: One is set near the player's body and the other away. This lets the drum hang at a good playing angle.

Ballast: Selecting one of the attachment options below, tightly secure about 5-lbs. of total weight to the bottom of the pots before sealing the heads with tape. Try swinging the drum from the forward to the horizontal position to check the weight, balance, and secure fit of the ballast before finally sealing heads.

Option 1) Two empty soda bottles filled solidly with sand (or rice) works. Screw lids down tightly then add a bit of tape around the cap to be extra sure no sand will leak out. Be sure to center one bottle at the bottom of each pot to maintain balance, and tie tightly together through the bottom of the combined pots (the drainage holes are super handy for this).

Option 2) Use a 2.5lb. chunk of wood in the bottom of each side if you have a drill and long-enough bolts.

Strap: To make a sling-style strap, rip a 40cm wide x 200cm-ish long strip of fabric from an old bedsheet. If possible, ripping rather than cutting will reduce fraying, and the fabric naturally bunches into a nice "self-sealing" roll-gather, so you don't have to hem the edges if you don't want to bother.

Suggested "Faux-kedo" set-up, top (player's-eye) view.
(Image distorted slightly to show both playing-head areas. Do not cut pots.)

How to Play Katsugi Okedo: This set of videos on YouTube offers a TON of great info...

Basic Katsugi form by Ryo Shimamoto from allthingstaiko (click the ALL Videos link to access the rest!)

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